Lady Gaga Vomits on Stage & Debuts New Meat Dress

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Lady Gaga Vomits on Stage & Debuts New Meat Dress
Mother Monster tosses her cookies, could she be prepping for "Partynauseous"? We'll fill you in. Hey Little Monsters, welcome back to ClevverMusic. Lady Gaga is on her "Born This Way Ball" world tour right now as you know, and on August 16th played a huge show in Bucharest, Romania to 35,000 people.

Halfway through the show the audience saw Gaga run off stage, mid-performance and vomit backstage! The Daily Mail reports that when she came back on stage afterwards, she confessed to the crowd, "I went backstage and vomited, and I did not want you to see this... It happens to me sometimes." We admire Gaga continuing the show even though she got sick, but we have to ask WHY did this happen? We hope this is not a cry for help or the sign of another eating disorder, but it looks like we may have the answer.

At the show, Gaga raised the steaks once more stepping out in a new meat creation, this time a meat thong-corset onesie, complete with raw meat boots to go with it. So could the whiff of raw meat have been the cause of her stomach getting upset? We hope so.

Somewhat appropriately Lady Gaga announced recently a new collaboration with Kendrick Lamar is coming, titled "Partynauseous". The track will be released September 6th, hopefully without any upset stomachs.

The 26-year-old first debuted her infamous meat dress at the MTV VMAs in 2010, and has been seen in various forms of the dress on her Born This Way Ball tour.


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