Kim Kardashian In New Kanye West Music Video!

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Kim Kardashian In New Kanye West Music Video!
Kim Kardashian is a busy lady, but she found time to make a quick cameo in her boyfriend Kanye West's new music video!
Kim appears 3 times for no more than just a split second—standing inside of a dark, brick hallway, looking real mellow in a hoodie, standing next to her man Kanye.
Of course, she pops up when he starts to rap, "And I'll admit, I fell in love with Kim / 'Round the same time she had fell in love with him."
The video is definitely an interesting approach that we haven't seen many people do in the past—it features two songs combined together in 1 video: DJ Khaled's "Wish You Would" followed by Kanye's "Way Too Cold."
Hype Williams directed the vid, which also features Rick Ross.
So I've gotta ask you guys—do you think Kim's cameo was cool, and would you want to see her appear in more Kanye videos?
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Also, I'll make sure I put a link to the entire "Wish You Would/Way Too Cold" music video so you can check out the whole thing.
Thanks for tuning in guys, and have an amazing rest of your Tuesday!
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