WWE RAW 7/30/2012 Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan Part1

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Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan Part 1

Jerry Lawler reveals that the winning match on Twitter was a street fight, not that it matters.

Bryan runs right at Sheamus and hits a running knee followed by several kicks. Sheamus starts hitting blows to Bryan's back and chest to come back.

Sheamus catches Bryan in a backbreaker, which Cole incorrectly refers to as The Irish Curse. HA! Lawler is still calling Bryan Goatface.

Bryan reverses the momentum with a drop toe hold in the corner. He begins working on Sheamus' arm. Sheamus comes back and ends up getting a near fall on Bryan.

Sheamus and Bryan go to the outside and Sheamus keeps working Bryan over by throwing him into the barricade and back dropping him on the steel ramp. That had to hurt no matter how well he prepared for the fall.

Sheamus runs Bryan into the WWE sign face first, but Bryan is able to turn things around with a dropkick to the knees of Sheamus.

Bryan ends up kicking Sheamus off the stage onto the concrete floor. Sheamus grabs his ankle as he gets up, only to have Bryan run off the stage with a flying knee.

Good match so far as we head to a commercial break.



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