Jennifer Lopez Talks Mariah Carey as American Idol Judge!

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Jennifer Lopez Talks Mariah Carey as American Idol Judge!
Mariah Carey has signed on as the newest American Idol judge... and now, former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez is speaking out!
E! News caught up with Lopez just yesterday, who said she thinks Carey will do a swell job:
"I think so, yeah! Why not?" said Jennifer... "She's a musician for a long time she has a lot of experience. And it's that experience you offer them at the end of the day, the contestants just want to get better and grow through the process."
The former Idol judge also offered up some advice to Mariah, saying QUOTE "Just enjoy the journey. Just remember you're there at the end of the day to help those contestants grow and to get to the end and to get to that finale."
Now, according to, Mariah will be the highest-paid judge on any reality show... as she is rumored to have signed a deal for just under $18 million dollars.
Mariah is also in the studio and gearing up to record the video for her new single... titled "Triumphant" -- which while it is appropriately titled, was actually written BEFORE signing on to Idol.
I want to hear from you though... will Mariah make a good judge... and, who should join her at the judges table!?
As we've reported... Miley Cyrus, Will.I.AM, Charlie Sheen and Fergie are still in the running! Let me know your thoughts by commenting below and then make sure you click that subscribe button, follow us on Twitter... and oh yes, LIKE this video!
In Hollywood, I'm your host Katie Krause and thanks so much for tuning in!


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