X Factor Judges Walk Off Set!

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X Factor Judges Walk Off Set!

With Simon Cowell out sick, the 'X Factor' judges storm off set! We've got all your 'X Factor' Drama right here. Hey guys, welcome back to ClevverMusic. It was an action packed day at the Kansas City auditions for the second Season of the US version of 'X Factor.' After reports last week surfaced claim that Britney Spears suffers from ADHD, the pop star reportedly tripped in her heels while getting out of the limo in the morning and almost fell over.

The day didn't get better for Britney and fellow new judge Demi Lovato when a contestant tried to pull a fast one on the judges. Britney, Demi, L.A., and Louis Walsh (filling in for Simon Cowell who was out with bronchitis) reportedly walked out on a contestant who attempted to audition with his back to the judges. To make it worse, the contestant supposedly wasn't that gifted of a singer, and had no idea the judges walked off since his back was to them.

The day, however, got brighter when Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joined forces and surprised L.A. Reid with a Birthday cake for his birthday which was the day before. So the day wasn't all bad for Britney, who found a new fast friend in Louis Walsh filling in for Simon. The two judges quickly formed a bond, and Britney tweeted, "We'll miss you Louis! See you soon @SimonCowell..." Insiders say he's had an effect on Brit, that she was more animated with him around and he put her at ease.

Watch out Simon Cowell! It could be your turn to be replaced as a judge! Tell us what you think of the judges walking off together in front of a contestant singing? Is this too harsh or did the singer deserve it? Leave a comment, and be sure to subscribe to ClevverMusic for all your 'X Factor' news! Bye guys



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