Michael Jackson's Unusual Love Letter to Lisa Marie Presley

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Michael Jackson's Unusual Love Letter to Lisa Marie Presley

A letter Michael Jackson wrote to his former wife Lisa Marie Presley - in which he complains of chronic insomnia - was set to be sold at auctioned ... before until Lisa Marie found out, threw a fit and demanded it be taken off the block.

She didn't say why she wanted the letter pulled, but it's easy to guess.

Michael Jackson Letter to Lisa Marie Presley

Written sometime between 1993 and 1996, the letter from MJ reads: "Smell here [arrow with box] Lisa I truly need this rest I haven't slept litterally [sic] in 4 days now. I need to be away from phones and Business people."

"I must take care of my health first Im' [sic] crazy for you Love Turd."

Yes ... Love Turd.

Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009. Dr. Conrad Murray, who was injecting him with the hospital-grade anesthetic Propofol to help him sleep, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years behind bars.

Julien's Auction in Beverly Hills didn't elaborate on the incident beyond stating that Lisa's request was of "a personal nature" and "we wanted to honor the request."

We can read between the lines.

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